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Jesus is said to have cured a blind man – Satan’s Little Helper has a receipt as proof of his work helping the visually impaired…

Waikato’s Richard Cox’s chips were down last year, after his restaurant and bar closed and he was left on the bones of his arse, forced to live in his car.

Equipped with many years’ hospitality and hotel management experience, Richard tried hard to find work and applied for many roles. However, he couldn’t catch a break and, on top of everything else, his glasses smashed, which then became one of the biggest things holding him back. He simply couldn’t afford new prescription glasses. Satan’s Little Helper heard about Richard’s bout of bad luck and he thought replacing his specs would go some way to getting him back on his feet. Satan’s Little Helper struck a sweet deal with Specsavers Te Rapa store owner Dominic Hartley to get Richard back in the game; it included two pairs of designer glasses, one pair of driving specs and some of fully polarised (sun) prescription glasses. “I really appreciated this incredible gesture from Hell and must admit to being somewhat dumbstruck as to how this has all come about!” said Richard. “Thank you very much – I hope to reciprocate the gesture when circumstances allow. “Specsavers were incredible, too – they treated me like a VIP and everyone was so excited for me - everyone was such a delight. Incidentally, a week after being fitted with new frames, some good fortune finally befell Richard, as he was offered a new gig at a hotel and bar in Queenstown; he’s been working like a dog since, notching up 18 hours a day! “Things have finally picked up, so hopefully 2014 brings some more good breaks!” he says.


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