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A tool for school

Reid struggles to get through the school day due to his various challenges – so Satan’s Little Helper decided to provide him with a tool to help him out!

Satan's Little Helper provided school items to Reid

Rhonda says her son Reid struggles “from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning”. His list of conditions makes for upsetting reading – he has ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), anxiety, dyslexia, BFRD (body-focused repetitive disorders) and sight problems.

“It’s a battle to get him out of the door in the morning, but he still manages to overcome his challenges and do it every day.”

The biggest challenge facing Reid is due to BFRD, which is when a child causes harm to themselves via a habit – such as cheek biting or skin picking.

“He has patches of his hair missing and he’s picked away his eyelashes, so he looks different to all the other kids at school and he gets judged on that.”

Tough times

Reid also struggles to make friends, which has led to a few hard times at school.

“He doesn’t properly understand the concept of friendship, and he doesn’t know how to make those connections,” Rhonda explains. “That’s led to feelings of jealousy and, when he does make a friend, he can get overprotective of them if he sees them talking to someone else.”

Despite his challenges, Rhonda encourages Reid to give anything a go – as a result, he plays a wide range of sports and tries out almost any activity!

“He plays basketball, netball and chess and is keen to try out for almost any sport for school. When he puts in the effort, he’s actually a sporty kid but he needs the right coach to encourage him and set clear expectations.”

Potential booster

Schoolwork is also tricky for Reid, who struggles to concentrate at school and has several sensory challenges to overcome. To help him reach his potential, Satan’s Little Helper sent him a variety of sensory items – from calm strips to wobble cushions and pencil grips.

“It was really nice to see him so excited to receive gifts in the mail, and they’re having a positive impact in keeping him focused and in a positive sensory space at school.”

Rhonda says Reid is also pretty good at understanding his emotions and will often take himself away from an overwhelming situation by shooting hoops or going for a walk, a bike ride or a run.

But the extra aids are really helping and, for Reid, they could help make an all-important difference at school.


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