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Waitara’s Matt Olson had to spend his 13th birthday in hospital at his mum Rachel’s bedside, but thanks to Satan’s Little Helper and New Plymouth HELL franchisee Sanjay Gadiyar, the family were able to spend some quality time together with a belated celebration.

Rachel was rushed to hospital with a spinal infection and pleurisy, with her stay extending over Matt’s birthday. To make up for the fact he was unable to have a proper celebration, Satan’s Little Helper and Sanjay organised for the family of four – Matt, his younger brother Ciel, dad Dave and Rachel –to spend some quality time together at the HELL New Plymouth store. “Having Matt’s birthday in the hospital wasn’t that great,” says Rachel, who is still in recovery and expects to be better within a few months. “Being able to celebrate in store was lovely. Sanjay went to a lot of effort to make it special and we all really enjoyed it.” Matt says that Rachel kept the party as a surprise, describing it as “really cool”. “I thought we were just in town to do a few jobs, so it was really unexpected when we went to the store. I had a lot of fun and all the food was really yummy – the best part was that it was free!”


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