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There were plenty of cheesy grins at the end of Parua Bay School Book Week, when more than 200 pupils were rewarded with a free healthy HELL 333 Kids’ Pizza. The small rural school in Northland saw 235 of its 270 students complete a HELL ‘8-Book Pizza Wheel’, with each of them reading eight books from their school library. Since there’s no HELL store nearby, HELL Whangarei took its HELL on Wheels caravan to the school, so that the completed book wheels could be redeemed for free pizza at lunchtime.

HELL Whangarei brother and sister franchisees Jacob and Adrienne Chubb both attended the school themselves, and their mum Marian is a teacher there. A self-confessed bibliophile, Adrienne approached her mum with the idea when she heard about the book week, and was impressed with the response. “I told mum that if she got the school on board, I’d bring the caravan out. It was a bit impromptu, but it turned out to be an awesome day.” Adrienne and Jacob toured Northland in the HELL on Wheels caravan last year, as part of the original ‘8-Book Pizza Wheel’ launch. Run in conjunction with LIANZA (The Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa), HELL sponsored the national event and sent caravans to smaller towns, where there was no store for hungry young bookworms to collect their prize. Adrienne says she, Jacob and third franchisee Courtney Wellington are now looking forward to getting involved in this year’s tour, due to begin in September. Three caravans will distribute the healthy snacks to young bookworms in remote parts of the East Coast, Northland and the South Island.


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