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Drum roll please!

Sam has faced and overcome many obstacles during his life. To better equip him for the next stage of his journey, Satan’s Little Helper provided – *drum roll please* – an electric drum kit!

Sam with his drum provided by Satan's Little Helper

Sam has already fought hard to get where is he. At three, his mum Alexandra was told that he’d be unlikely to start school on time.

“Sam was diagnosed with dyspraxia, and I was advised to prepare for more diagnoses in the future,” she explains. “It affects Sam’s brain motor function, fine and gross motor (fine involves using hands and fingers to control small objects, gross involves using large muscles to make large movements) skills, spine motor skills and speech.”

Beating the odds

Alexandra and Sam were determined to prove the naysayers wrong and, after lots of occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physio work, he started school at five!

“It was huge for him,” says his mum. “His speech is great now – although it does take him longer to learn new skills than people without dyspraxia. Something that seems intuitive or easy can be tricky for him.”

More recently, Sam has been diagnosed with dyscalculia, a condition that is similar to dyslexia but affects Sam’s maths skills. He struggles to tell the time and has to work hard on his basic maths.

Sam’s transition to high school was “exhausting” and even little things, like wearing a uniform, have been a struggle for him, says Alexandra. Sam has also found making friends among his peers tough, although music has proven to be a positive outlet.

Keeping mobile

“In 2022, he attended a youth music program and discovered a love of drumming, which isn’t easy for someone with mobility issues! He did so well that we really wanted to help him keep his passion alive.”

Well, Satan’s Little Helper couldn’t agree more! So, to help Sam continue a passion that will have tangible benefits to his life, we got him an electric drum kit.

“Drumming has helped Sam with his coordination and motor skills, plus he’s not a sporty kid, so this has been an important physical outlet for him.

“I strongly believe drumming helps regulate and centre him as well. If he’s feeling overwhelmed, he can put his headphones on and slip into his own world.

“He’s also managed to make connections via WhatsApp groups and online through his music, so there’s a whole layer of positives that have come from having a drum set!”


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