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Having two amazing kids under four can be a handful for any young parents. When HELL found out that Rikki and Kim Edwards’ youngest, Mckenzie, needs a new liver, we thought the family deserved a little treat.

Mckenzie suffers from Alagille syndrome, which affects the liver, heart, kidney, and other systems of the body. There is no known cure and often multiple surgeries are required to correct defects caused by the illness. Rikki and Kim have to travel regularly between Christchurch and Auckland’s Starship Hospital, as Mckenzie undergoes ongoing treatment while on the waiting list for a liver transplant. Their hectic schedule doesn’t leave much time or energy for family activities. HELL decided to send Rikki, Kim, Mckenzie and older sister Rilee, along with all the cousins, aunts and uncles they could muster, to Orana Wildlife Park, New Zealand’s only open-range zoo, located on the outskirts of Christchurch. To top it off, HELL delivered them all a delicious lunch. Mckenzie’s aunty Tania, who nominated the family to Satan’s Little Helper, said: “The family have watched Mckenzie go through so many ups and downs. No matter how tough it is, they all keep smiling, so it was nice for them to do something fun.” It was a bright and sunny day at the end of the school holidays and the whole group enjoyed the opportunity to relax in the sunshine. “We checked out the animals and then sat next to the playground and had our pizza for lunch,” said Tania. “Mckenzie’s favourite animals were the gorillas and the giraffe. Everyone had a great day! We would like to thank HELL very much!” Rikki and Kim were also given memberships to the park, so they can take the kids back whenever they feel like it. HELL would also like to thank the staff at Orana Wildlife Park for helping out Satan’s Little Helper.


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