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Good as gold

Marshall Goldstone has gold in his name and his nature. But he’s had a year that would take the shine off anyone’s spirit, which is why Satan’s Little Helper stepped in to sprinkle a little glitter into his life.

If anyone is hoping for a fresh start in 2023, it’s Marshall Goldstone.

“He had the worst 2022 ever!” says his dad, Brandon. “He’s only eight but he’s already lost his

Nana and best mate and watched me nearly die twice from sepsis.”

Unsurprisingly, the little man is struggling with it all.

“He’s not over the grief yet, which just breaks our heart. He’s also trying to process the trauma of losing his best friend, which would be tough for anyone, never mind a child.”

Home is supposed to be the one safe space a kid has, but Marshall almost witnessed tragedy there, too.

Hell of a year

“About two weeks after I got home from major surgery, I got sepsis and passed out in front of him. It was really nasty. My eyes rolled back into my head and I wasn’t responding. I ended up back in hospital fighting for my life.”

All that would test anyone, but Marshall is also dealing with his own health problems. Despite all that, Brandon is optimistic that his lad is on the right path and will come to deal with it on his own terms.

“He’s a sensitive boy with a heart of gold. He’s starting counselling soon and that will help him on to a better path. He’s also very open about his feelings and isn’t afraid to talk to us about them. We’re really thankful for that, as otherwise he might hold things in until he explodes!”

Marshall is clearly someone who deserves to have a smile put on his face, so Satan’s Little Helper sent him and his family – mum, dad and brother – for a day at Time Zone, followed by bowling and laser quest!

“It was amazing to see him so excited. As soon as he found out about the day, he told his whole class! On the day we went, the venue was pretty empty, so we had free reign of the machines and everything, which we loved.”

Brilliant day out

Brandon says that bringing some fun and excitement into his boys’ lives was exactly what they needed after a rough year.

“It was awesome for us to see the smile on his face, having fun with his brother, and it’s so important for him to feel normal. He has been pretty chirpy since his day out and a lot more active again.

“For a few weeks he went downhill; he was sleeping a lot or staying in bed, and I was beginning to get worried about him, but since we’ve been out, he’s been a lot more playful and a lot more full of life. He wants to go bowling for his birthday next year!”


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