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Happy valley

Four-year-old Dominic’s life has been dominated by pain, hospital trips and doctors. To give him some time to just be happy, Satan’s Little Helper arranged a trip to two of his favourite places – Ninja Valley and the zoo.

Dominic loves the day Satan's Little Helper gave him

Dominic’s skin was red and itchy. He’d scratch it, because that’s what you do when you’ve got an itch that’s driving you to distraction, but then it would crack, which led to infection, pain and, when you’re only little, plenty of screaming.

“It’s a very distinctive infection,” explains his mum, Laura. “His skin would weep a golden yellow gunk and he’d be in a lot of pain and discomfort. He did so much screaming that he lost his voice for a while.”

One way to help ease four-year-old Dominic’s suffering was to apply a wet wrap (steroid cream and moisturiser held against the skin) to the infected area.

He has also been treated with immunosuppressants and phototherapy, which has his skin under control for now, although Laura says it has left a legacy of underdevelopment.

Took its toll

“Because his skin was so bad as a baby, the medication he needed prevented him from gaining weight or growing as he should, so he’s physically a lot smaller than other kids his age.”

Due to his treatment, Dominic picks up illnesses and infections easily. Laura says that often results in hospital visits.

“He can be in for multiple days for his skin, although he loves his dermatologist so much that he’s not bothered by the trips!”

Dominic has had a rough start to his childhood. So, to give him a few moments of much-needed joy, Satan’s Little Helper sent him to his favourite places on earth: Ninja Valley and the zoo.

Favourite place on earth

“He took a buddy to Ninja Valley and he said it was the best day ever,” says Laura. “He got a day that was just about having fun, which is so important.”

He also loves the zoo and enjoys pretending he’s a zookeeper in his spare time, so Dominic was made up to go in real life.

“Dominic got to see all his favourite animals and spend time with the people closest to him. It was so special to see and he had an awesome time.”

While the activities were about her son, Laura says that she took plenty from it as well.

“It makes me so happy to see him getting to do what he loves. There have been so many blood tests, hospital visits and examinations over the past four years, it’s been awesome to see him with a smile on his face.”


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