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The Spicer family endured a really tough time in 2014, when 18-year-old Oliver was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and his older brother Rohan passed away following an epileptic seizure. Oliver contacted Satan's Little Helper, hoping to give his mums and sister a bit of a lift. He hadn't bargained on being taken quite so literally, as he and his family were whisked away on a helicopter ride to a mountain-top picnic!

Some of 18-year-old Oliver Spicer’s favourite family memories involve nights spent at the dinner table, sharing a Hell pizza or two with his older brother Rohan, younger sister Maggy and mums Donna and Emma. But fond memories have been hard to come by in the past 12 months, with death and serious illness placing intense stress on the close-knit group. Early last year, Oliver was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Crohn’s disease – an inflammatory bowel disease that can be fatal. During the same period, Rohan passed away. While grieving for their eldest son, Donna and Emma had to endure watching Oliver go through several life-threatening surgeries. Now on the road to recovery, Oliver got in touch with Satan’s Little Helper (SLH) to see if he could bring some relief to his family. While he couldn’t solve the family’s problems, SLH engaged local Kapiti Coast helicopter operators Heliworx, to lift the family’s spirits. They arranged a flight over the region that included a picnic atop the Tararua Ranges, which Oliver described as “amazing!” “We turned up at the terminal and the crew was all smiles,” he says. “Watching the ground fall away during take-off was pretty cool; plus the picnic was fantastic. But the best part was my mums’ faces. “I haven’t seen them smile like that in such a long time, even for hours afterwards,” he says. “I’m really grateful to Hell for giving us the opportunity to spend some quality time together as a family; it’s been a while.”


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