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Sitting in eerie isolation at the top of Mount Victoria, Wellington, is an old Fever Hospital – an imposing infirmary built in 1919 for patients with infectious diseases to be kept away from the rest of the populace. Although closing in 1981, some believe there are residents who refuse to leave…

When SPCA Wellington decided to take residence at the reputedly haunted hospital, we at Hell knew we’d better check it out. For two weekends in December, before the animals moved in, the SPCA hosted ghost tours dubbed ‘Friday Nights from Hell’. Led by medium Kathy McBride, fully booked groups roamed the halls in search of the dead, including the infamous Sister Slipper - a nurse who reportedly shuffles through the wards in her slippers after dark. Ghost sightings were reported by some of the afterlife enthusiasts and, although Hell can neither confirm nor deny these claims, SPCA Wellington said the event was a drop-dead success. “The ghost tours were fantastic; everyone involved had a blast and we’d like to say a big thanks to the team at Hell for their help,” said SPCA Wellington marketing and fundraising manager Mark Collyns. “On both weekends, Hell’s iconic 1968 Cadillac hearse came rumbling up Mount Vic, which not only delivered free pizza to all of our ghost hunters, but really added to the ambience of the tours. “With the support of Hell, we managed to fundraise $7500, which is a magnificent result.”


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