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Rebecca Hellens and her sister Jen have been looking after their terminally ill mum Katharine since she was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. It’s been tough on the whole family, but they’ve stuck together. Rebecca even married her fiancé Matthew in the backyard of her family’s Botany home, just so Katharine didn’t miss the wedding.

Between looking after her mum and young daughter, Rebecca was a hen who never got the chance to leave the nest and enjoy her traditional pre-wedding festivities. After receiving a heartfelt message from Rebecca’s friend Kathryn Johnson, Satan’s Little Helper decided to help give Rebecca the night every bride-to-be should! Kathryn rounded up a couple of Rebecca’s nearest mates, and the girls let their hair down for a night on the town. After a classy meal on Auckland’s waterfront, the girls hit a karaoke bar for some choir practice. To ensure Hell’s angels didn’t have to worry about getting home, Satan’s Little Helper booked them in to a hotel. “It was a great night,” said Kathryn. “The girls all really enjoyed themselves and are incredibly grateful. Dinner, singing our hearts out, then hitting the pillows for a good sleep was the perfect way for us to relax ­– it’s been a tough a few months.”


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