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Michael Conway was born with Spina Bifida and has never been able to walk, but the 28-year-old has never let his “unique ability” stop him rolling forward. When Michael was offered a job in Auckland a few years ago, he didn’t hesitate to make the move. Unfortunately, the work dried up and Michael needed to shift back to Wellington to be nearer friends and family.

“My sister and I lost our parents when we were young, and we’re all that’s left of our immediate family. She lives in Palmerston North, so it’s good to have her nearby.” Faced with the cost of relocating and supporting himself whilst looking for work, Michael couldn’t afford to move a lot of his things with him. So his friend Charlotte got in touch with Satan’s Little Helper, who, with the help of Hell’s nationwide distributor Davis Trading and the good sorts at Murphy’s Movers, dropped Michael’s gear at his new address free of charge. “I’d really like to thank Charlotte, Hell Pizza and everyone that was involved for helping me out. They’re all awesome!” he says. Michael’s enjoying flatting with a friend who’s been a “massive help”. “It’s all worked out perfectly really!” he says. “Now I just need to find a job!”


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