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Six-year-old Sophia Lovejoy doesn’t let anything take the smile off her face, despite struggling with debilitating pain caused by a severe form of cerebral palsy. When Satan’s Little Helper heard her story, he thought she deserved a treat and leapt in to help.

Sophia’s condition, spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, was caused at birth when her heart temporarily stopped and caused a brain defect. As a result, she lost both her mobility and her speech. Late last year, she had reconstructive surgery on both her hips to help her walk again. “I visited her every day in hospital, and it was upsetting to see how much agony she was in but couldn’t understand why,” says nominator and close family friend, Richard Owen. “Even though she was struggling, she would still give me a smile or a little laugh. That’s why I nominated her – she’s a trooper.” To give her a little lift and aid her mobility, Satan’s Little Helper gave Sophia a 14ft JumpFlex trampoline. “Sophia fell in love with trampolining after her first ever trip to a trampoline park a few years ago, so to now have one in her back garden where she can play with her brothers is just amazing – she’s so happy,” says Sophia’s mum, Julie. “We’re hoping that having the trampoline will help Sophia with her post-operative hip recovery and eventually enable her to gain some flexibility and mobility back. In the meantime, it’s awesome to see her having so much fun!”


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