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HELL has helped make nighttime a little less scary for Danielle and Gareth Bridger, by purchasing a Baby Factory audio-visual monitoring system to put in their son Brice’s bedroom.

We like to know our little devils are tucked up safe and sound after the sun goes down – but for Danielle and Gareth from Taranaki, putting 18-month-old Brice to bed leaves them filled with anxiety. Brice, who has three other siblings, was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and often has seizures at night. To make matters worse, Gareth was diagnosed with MS in 2014 and has been forced to take extended periods off work. Danielle says being able to remotely monitor Brice in his room is a huge relief, as his seizures can occur at any time with no obvious triggers. “We can keep an eye on Brice at all times now, night or day, even if we’re outside in the garden. It’s great, because the camera has a remote control that we can use to look around the entire room,” she says. “HELL also paid for a second monitor that we’ve installed at Brice’s grandparents, so they can keep an eye on him when he stays there.”


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