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Ethan McEachen’s life has taken a dramatic turn for the better since taking ownership of a Phonak Roger Focus hearing system, thanks to a helping hand from Satan’s Little Helper.

Ten-year-old Ethan was recently diagnosed with auditory processing disorder (APD). Estimated to affect one in 20 children, APD is a disorder that interferes with the way in which the brain interprets information it receives through the ears. The PRF system features a pen microphone that Ethan’s teachers wear around their neck, broadcasting what they’re saying directly into Ethan’s ears via a headset. After coming up several hundred dollars short of the $4,800 required for the system, and with Ministry of Education funding hard to come by, Ethan’s mother Petra turned to Satan’s Little Helper for assistance. “We were overjoyed when HELL stepped in and offered to cover the shortfall. The system has made such a difference to Ethan already. Where previously in class he would have to look at what others were doing for cues, now he knows exactly what’s happening,” says Petra. “His teachers noticed an immediate difference; they said Ethan was more confident and didn’t need to be constantly checking what instructions were given, meaning he can now self-manage his work. He’s also able to better participate in class discussions and group work.” Importantly for Ethan, the system is portable and can easily be transported between classrooms and different schools as he progresses through intermediate and college. “It’s just made learning so much easier and will help him reach his full potential. At his final assembly, he got up and sung a solo – the perfect proof of how the system has made him more confident and self-assured!”


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