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Tauranga twins Felix and Madeline Fowler-Oates recently celebrated an extra-special fifth birthday – and HELL served up some delicious party pizzas to mark the occasion.

Felix and Madeline were both born with complex health needs and their mother, Nikki, says she has previously avoided throwing birthday parties because of the difficulties involved. Given the significance of this year’s milestone, she decided this year should be different. “Felix is autistic and was born with no arms; Madeline is blind, medically complex and a wheelchair user. They’ve both spent a lot of time in and out of hospital and need a great deal of extra care in their day-to-day lives,” she says. To make the twins’ birthday more special, Nikki invited a number of their friends, carers, support staff and volunteers who have helped them and the family throughout their journey. “We’re surrounded by so many wonderful people, who go out of their way to make life easier for us all. We wanted to enjoy some quality time with them celebrating the twins’ achievements, and also thank them all for everything they’ve done.” With around 50 guests to feed, Nikki got in touch with Satan’s Little Helper for some help. Moved by the family’s story, he asked his friends at HELL Papamoa to whip up a special order of 19 pizzas to ensure no one at the party went hungry. “It was fantastic! Everybody really enjoyed it, especially Madeline and Felix. We had a few people who were unable to make it because they were sick, and I was worried there would be too much pizza, but thankfully everyone stepped up to the plate! “Thank you Satan’s Little Helper for helping to make the day such a success!”


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