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Raising spirits

Kaden Archbold has gone through the agony of three cancer diagnoses, treatments and recovery. So, to lift spirits and provide some entertainment, Satan’s Little Helper sent him a care package containing some much-needed LEGO and a new game for his Switch.

Satan's Little Helper gave Kaden a Switch game and some LEGO!

The past 12 years have tested Kaden and his mum Amanda mentally, physically and spiritually.

From being told her baby had cancer and needed radiation and chemotherapy at less than six months old, to seeing him undergo surgery to remove his femoral nerve and a third cancer diagnosis, she has been through it all.

Kaden may not remember his first round of treatment, but he was certainly aware of the next two. It left such a bitter, brutal mark on him that he required mental health support and the slow march of time before he could begin to overcome it.

Mum of the year

Backed by the unwavering support of Amanda, a single mum who gave up working for 11 years to be there for her boy, he is making progress.

“Kaden had cryotherapy surgery in March, which freezes the tumour. He’s lucky that his cancer isn’t as aggressive as it was the first or second time,” she explains.

The 12-year-old has already taken as much radiation and chemo as his body allows, but it appears as if the cryotherapy is working.

“He had an MRI in December 2022 to see if the tumour had grown,” adds Amanda. “Thankfully it’s shrunk and, at this stage, he doesn’t need more surgery. He’ll have another MRI in six months to check on his progress.”

Unfortunately, he carries the physical scars of his earlier treatment. His surgery, while vital, has left him with a permanent disability.

“He can’t lift his leg up properly because the femoral nerve controls that function. He’s also more unsteady on his feet and he can’t do things like climb up the steps of a bouncy castle.”

Encouraging progress

With the help of a psychologist, his mental health has also improved.

“He’d have anxiety attacks multiple times a day, but now it might only be once or twice a week. His psychologist has said he’s made a lot of progress since she first met him, which is very encouraging.”

That’s all good news, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that Kaden has been to hell and back.

So, to give him something to cheer him up and provide some entertainment, Satan’s Little Helper sent him a LEGO set and a brand-new game for his Switch.

“He was so stoked to get something like that. He couldn’t wait to start building the LEGO! It was a big lift for him and it gives him something to do, because his physical limitations mean he can’t do a lot. I love it because it gets him off his devices too!”

Amanda says it’s been a morale boost to see Kaden happy and with a smile on his face. He certainly deserves it!


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