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Transformation time

School was like a horror movie for Nikolas Morrissey. The extreme bullying he suffered there turned a kind, smart kid into a shadow of his former self. But, thanks to a change of scenery and a new piece of gear from Satan’s Little Helper, there is reason to smile again.

School can be a tough place but for 13-year-old Nikolas Morrissey it was a living hell. We’ve all felt that feeling in the pit of our stomachs – dread, anxiety, fear, sadness. Nikolas felt that every morning, five days a week. “He went through an incredibly hard time for months,” says his mum Kelly. “It really affected his daily life. “There are visible scars from the bullying he suffered. “He was picked on because his ADHD made him different and the more he was bullied, the more his ADHD separated him from the rest of his classmates. “Despite all that, he still managed to put everybody else’s needs before his own.” Kelly says her boy was a shadow of the kid he is now. He’d isolate himself from the world, refuse to come outside and never socialised. “If he’d had a really bad day at school, it would often result in an explosive reaction when he came home because of his ADHD.” Happily, things are much better now. After a change of school, Kelly has a different boy. “Switching schools to Kings has been the best thing we ever did. He has a guidance counsellor, Kings support him brilliantly and at home, he’s a different kid – all because he feels safe and stable in his school environment.” She says that Nikolas has always been incredibly caring – he’s helpful around the house and looks after his siblings like they’re the most precious thing in the world – but now he’s happy too. To complete Nik’s transformation, and to give him a way to socialise and get outdoors, Satan’s Little Helper got him a mountain board. “He’s never had a passion, but he has always wanted a mountain board. Unfortunately we could never afford it. “It’ has been amazing for him. As soon as he’s home from school, he takes his little brother and sister to the field and they go up and down the hills all afternoon. He’s got a close mate, who is like a brother, and they spend the whole weekend cruising around.” It might seem like something small, but Kelly has noticed a huge difference in Nik. “It has honestly changed his life. He can take it out when he’s feeling down and he’ll come back with a smile on his face, and it’s been massive for his social skills, which is something he has struggled with. He always used to say he doesn’t know where he fits in at school, but now he can ring his mates up and they’ll go out on it for hours, with Nik showing them the ropes.” Kelly says Nik used to come home and shut himself off from the world, but since getting the mountain board, he’s barely spent any time inside. “The other day his uncle said he’s seen a spark in Nik. We’re all so happy to see the change in him.”


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