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Hell’s no stranger to fighting off zombie hordes, now it’s helping to combat child cancer by supporting Wellington Milsim Airsoft’s (WMA) Child Cancer Foundation fundraiser at Armageddon, which raised a whopping $24,794.20!

Having launched ‘Zombies from Hell’ in 2013 – the world’s first 3D game on a pizza box – Hell jumped at the chance to get involved with WMA’s latest charity bonanza. The undead theme seemed a good fit with NZ’s largest entertainment expo; a big draw for fantasy fans – and there were plenty of participants willing to pay for the chance to blast away some flesh-eating freaks! WMA set up an airsoft shooting gallery (a bit like paintball, but less messy) and also rustled up over 100 volunteer zombies, which competitors had to ward off with Nerf guns (which fire rubber discs), as they charged down a dark alley. Hell donated $1,000 to the overall fund, as well as many spot prizes to the raffle. “What can I say? I'm absolutely blown away by the generosity and support, said WMA organiser Chris Asbery. “Hell were brilliant – they’re great to work with, extremely generous and so enthusiastic!”


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