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Satan’s Little Helper believes in sharing the fruit of knowledge far and wide – so when Becky Bateman from Museums Wellington asked for some help with her education programmes fundraiser, he leapt into action.

Looking to raise funds to make education programmes more affordable, Becky arranged a quiz night at Wellington Museum and HELL stepped up to provide the catering. Ticket sales for 96 people and proceeds from a cash bar raised more than $5,500 for the cause. “It’s a lot more than I was expecting and everything went great. The pizza arrived bang on time and everyone had a fantastic evening – although some people complained that the questions were too hard!” With the money raised, Becky says Museums Wellington will be able to offer a wider range of programmes as well as making them more accessible. “We run across four different sites: Wellington Museum, Space Place at Carter Observatory, Nairn Street Cottage and the Cable Car Museum,” says Becky. “We get groups of all ages from pre-school through to adults taking night classes, but typically the bulk of people we see are between 7-12.” There are classes on almost every day and instructors work hard to personalise them for different groups. “If we can put some programmes on for just a koha rather than a set price, it goes a long way to getting more people involved and learning about all sorts of cool things, such as what stars are made of. They also get a glimpse into the life of early settlers with tours through the Nairn Street Cottage, which is Wellington’s oldest identified building.”


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