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We at Hell believe that well-read, literate little devils are essential to the future of society – that’s why we’re the principal sponsor for the 2014 LIANZA Children’s Book Awards, which honours the best kids’ book authors and illustrators in the country.

Great stories inspire critical and creative thinking, which sparks the questions that lead to new ideas and inventions. We’re all about challenging the status quo! So, while teaming up with NZ’s librarians might seem a match made in hell, it’s actually a match made for Hell. LIANZA boss Laurinda Thomas is equally positive about the partnership: “It will allow us to bring increased recognition to the high-quality children’s writing being produced in New Zealand,” she said. “Librarians are so passionate about children’s literature and connecting children to the right book; working with Hell will allow us to reach a whole new audience.” Entries for the 2014 LIANZA Children’s Book Awards opened on 13 February and the winners will be announced on 11 August. To see Hell’s Ben Cumming discuss this further, please follow this link. To hear Laurinda on the subject, please click here.


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